Residential house in Bardovci

Another project for a family house in the settlement of Bardovci on a wonderful place away from the city noise, but close enough for everyday needs for a quality life.

The land occupies an area of ​​340m², to which access is available from the east side, while the building has an area of ​​277.37m² of which 96.54m² is provided for the ground floor, 100m² for the first floor and 80.83m² for the contents that are stored in the basement.
Conceptually, the building is divided into living area on the ground floor, night zone on the first floor and sports and recreational contents in the basement
Regarding the functionality and quality of life, the modern housing requirements are satisfied, while the outward appearance is directed towards the modern direction, large window openings and flat roof.

  • Project year
  • Location
    Bardovci, Skopje
  • Area
    277,37 m2
  • Scope of Work
    Residental Houses
  • Architect
    Borjan Ovezovski